Cell Permeable Peptides (CPPs)

Peptide synthesis: Cell permeable Peptide Anti-Cancer

The process of introducing drugs into cells has always proved a major challenge for scientists. However, cell-permeable peptides (CPPs) have the ability to enter the plasma membrane of a cell independent of a membrane receptor. They are usually small peptides 10–30 residues in length with positively charged amino acid sequences.

CPPs are capable of delivering biologically active cargo to the cell interior. The desired therapeutic cargo could be attached to a CPP and then delivered to an intracellular target, thereby overcoming the entry restrictions set by the plasma membrane.

CPPs have gained widespread popularity as very promising non-viral transmembrane delivery vectors. Although they have been used successfully for carrying different cargoes of varying sizes and nature (plasmid DNA, peptides, proteins, nanoparticles, quantum dots, etc.), the most rapid progress has been made with the delivery of oligonucleotides (ONs).

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Cys(Npys)-(Arg)9: C(Npys)RRRRRRRRR - NH2

Product NameCys(Npys)-(Arg)9: C(Npys)RRRRRRRRR - NH2Product Description The peptide has nine Arginine residues and is modified with an activated...
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Product Name FITC-Stearyl-R8 Product Quantity 1mg Purity 95.89% Catalog Number LT12013 Molecular Weight 2107.64 Formula C95H159N37O16S ...
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Catalog Number: 5549 Category: Peptide Sequence: GRKKRRQRRRPPQ Modifications: Quantity: 10mg Purity: 95.91 % Notes:
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Catalog Number: 5550 Category: Peptide Sequence: GRKKRRQRRRPPQPVKRRLDL Modifications: Quantity: 10mg Purity: 98.56 % Notes:
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Peptide (TD1-R8), ACSSSPSKHCGGRRRRRRRR, siRNA delivery peptide

Product Name Peptide (TD1-R8), ACSSSPSKHCGGRRRRRRRR, siRNA delivery peptide Product Description The short synthetic peptide ACSSSPSKHCG (TD1) and...
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Catalog Number: 6207 Category: Peptide Sequence: RQIKIWFQNRRMKWKKGGGWDTEIKDDVIEECNKHGGVHHHHHH Modifications: Quantity: 1-4mg Purity: ...
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Catalog Number: 6206 Category: Peptide Sequence: RQIKIWFQNRRMKWKKGGHHHHHH Modifications: Quantity: 1-4mg Purity: 95.45 % Notes:
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Catalog Number: 6208 Category: Peptide Sequence: RQIKIWFQNRRMKWKKGGIHIYVDKNSAQGNVYVKCPSHHHHHH Modifications: Quantity: 1-4mg Purity: ...
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Catalog Number: 6209 Category: Peptide Sequence: RQIKIWFQNRRMKWKKGGLHGRWFAGKMITAAYVPLHHHHHH Modifications: Quantity: 1-4mg Purity: 85.21...
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Catalog Number: 5591 Category: Peptide Sequence: RQIKIWFQNRRMKWKKGLSMMRALHNFLTAGVPAEG Modifications: Quantity: 100mg Purity: 85.12 % ...
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