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Sequence Stearyl-RRRRRRRR-NH2

Polyarginine peptides, which are very efficient CPPs have been used for siRNA delivery into cells.

Stearylated octaarginine (Stearyl-R8), are able to encapsulate and shuttle nucleic acids through cell membranes without the need to covalently attach the nucleic acid to the arginine-containing carrier peptide.

Case Study: EGFP-expressing hippocampal neurons

Efficiency: 16 nmol/l siRNA& → 50% reduction in EGFP activity

1. Tonges, L, Lingor, P, Egle, R, Dietz, GP, Fahr, A and Bahr, M (2006). Stearylated octaarginine and artificial virus-like particles for transfection of siRNA into primary rat neurons. RNA 12: 1431-1438.
2. Stearyl octaarginine (STR-R8) was purchased from LifeTein. Chloe Trayford, Alissa Wilhalm, Pamela Habibovic et al. One-pot, degradable, silica nanocarriers with encapsulated oligonucleotides for mitochondrial specific delivery, 21 August 2023, PREPRINT (Version 1) available at Research Square []

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