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3-5 Day RUSH Peptide Synthesis Service
Made in the USA 🇺🇸

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(Please specify that your orders are for RUSH synthesis when ordering. Rush fee applies.)

Microwave synthesis made fast and easy.

LifeTein provides a fast and easy method of peptide synthesis through microwave synthesis. This method quickly heats up solvents and amino acids in solution, resulting in a precise, efficient, and safe method of heating.

LifeTein provides the fastest turnaround time and the most reliable quality in the industry. All peptides are manufactured in the USA, specifically in New Jersey. Projects can progress from conception to bench in just 3-5 days, allowing you to meet your research deadlines.

Our PeptideSyn technology is our fastest peptide synthesis option for peptides with amino acids up to 50. Please see below for more details about the process.

Rush peptide synthesis
Rush peptide synthesis

Peptide Length

Rush Synthesis
(Made in the USA)

Rush < 20 amino acids, crude purity, < 10mg

3–5 days

Rush < 20 amino acids, >95% purity, < 10mg

6–10 days

Rush 20–40 amino acids, >95%, < 10mg

1–2 weeks

Accelerate Your Research: LifeTein peptides are synthesized and shipped 40% faster than the industry standard, moving your peptides to the top of the queue at every step in the peptide synthesis process. Actual shipping times depend on the individual peptide and protein characteristics.

Overnight Shipping: All orders are shipped via FedEx Overnight from New Jersey and are expected to arrive anywhere in the world within 48 hours or less. U.S. and Canadian customers can expect their peptides to be shipped the day after the shipping date. European, Australian, and Asian customers can expect a shipment time of 2-3 days.

Optional Local Pickup: If you would like to pick up your peptides from our New Jersey lab, please contact us.

Orders placed before 5:00 pm EDT (on U.S. business days) will be considered as having been placed on the same day.

Restrictions: LifeTein's turnaround guarantee is not valid for orders requiring multiple modifications, long peptides exceeding 40 amino acids, various phosphorylation sites, or stapled peptides. Complicated sequences can affect turnaround times. When placing your order, please specify that it is for RUSH synthesis. Our standard synthesis service, with its regular turnaround time of 2-3 weeks, is assumed unless the customer states otherwise.

Invitation for Audit: Audits are a crucial part of the service provider validation process. We invite you to audit our New Jersey lab, either in writing or on-site, to ensure that we comply with all necessary requirements for the success of your peptide project.

Made in the USA 🇺🇸: All rush peptide orders are produced in New Jersey, 100% accurate, and compliant with all intellectual property laws.

Our Promise: LifeTein guarantees that qualified peptides (see Restrictions) will be shipped within the specified turnaround time once the order is approved. If we fail to meet the posted turnaround time, customers with qualified orders will receive half the cost of the peptides as credit towards their future LifeTein orders.

Rush peptide synthesis