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Custom Peptide Synthesis Services

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LifeTein®, the custom peptide synthesis service company, has developed proprietary PeptideSynTM technology. This technology provides a platform for continuous peptide synthesis using Fmoc and Boc chemistry and a proprietary solid support resin. This is one of the many reasons why LifeTein® can offer competitive custom peptide synthesis prices.

169 amio acid long peptide

LifeTein routinely uses our proprietary technologies to produce peptides >100 amino acids. The longest peptide we have made to date is 169 amino acids. You will not be charged if we are unable to synthesize your peptide successfully. We promise to provide the HPLC purified peptide with correct molecular weight analyzed by Electrospray ionization (ESI) Mass Spectrometry.


NUCLEIC ACID VECTORS AND USES THEREOF: A peptide of 133 amino acids was synthesized by LifeTein. The peptide sequence includes at least one cell penetrating peptide (CPP) domain, one secretion signal sequence, one DNA binding domain, and other SHT protein.

Phosphorylated Peptides

Phosphorylation: Posttranslational modification on Tyr, Ser and Thr residues, signal transduction, gene expression and protein-protein interaction

Biotinylated Peptides

Biotinylation: Strong affinity for streptavidin and avidin to be used in histocytochemistry, immunoassays, and fluorescence based flow cytometry

Cyclic Peptides

Cyclization: Peptides can be cyclized by disulfide bond, head-to-tail, amide or thioester cyclization to stabilize the peptide conformation, increase bioactivity, and enzyme stability

Long Peptide Synthesis

Long Peptide Synthesis: An alternative approach to exogenous protein expression

Cell Penetrating Peptides

Cell Penetrating Peptides: Deliver biologically active cargo to the cell interior; Enter the plasma membrane of a cell independent of a membrane receptor


Linker, Spacer, PEGylations: Reduce steric hindrance at the binding sites of the peptide and improve proteolytic stability and solubility of peptides

Fluorescent Peptides

Fluorescein: FITC, FAM, TAMRA, Rhodamine, Dansyl, 4-Dinitrophenyl (Dnp), 7-methoxycoumarin acetic acid (Mca) Cy3, Cy5, Cy7 for Fluorescence based assays, flow cytometry, protein-protein interaction, and localization studies

Short Linear Peptide

Short Peptide Synthesis: dipeptides or tripeptides as the ligands for signal transduction or cosmetic applications

D Amino Acid Peptides

D Amino Acid Peptides: Resistant to proteases for higher stability and special structure for peptide drug design

TFA Free Acetate Peptides

TFA Free Acetate Peptides: Low toxic peptides for peptide drug and cell studies

peptide oligonucleotide conjugate

Rush Peptide Service: Receive your peptides in a week and accelerate your research

Peptide magnetic agarose conjugate

Peptide Magnetic Agarose Conjugate: Conjugate your peptide to the magnetic agarose for easy binding assay

N Terminal Modification Peptides

N Terminal Acetylation: Increase peptide stability by preventing N and C-terminal degradation.

C Terminal Modification Peptides

C Terminal Amidation: Neutralize negative charge created by the C-terminal COOH. Mimic native proteins, and remove hydrogen bonding which may interfere with the assays

Multiple Antigenetic Peptides (MAP)

Multiple Antigenetic Peptides (MAP): Branched peptides MAP4 or MAP8 have a high molar ratio of the peptide antigen for higher immune responses

BSA, KLH and OVA Conjugation, Immunogenic Peptide

Immunogenic Peptides: BSA, KLH or OVA Conjugation: Conjugated peptides for ELISA, antibody production applications

Peptide Library

Peptide Library: Large scale of peptide screening for new drug candidates

Special Amino Acid Peptides

Stapled Peptide and Special Amino Acids: Palmitic acid increases the cell permeability and helps binding of the peptides to cell membrane.

Features and Benefits

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    • Choose high-quality peptides: Get published in Nature.
    • Large capacity: We have the capacity to produce 5,000 purified peptides per month, ranging from crude to highly pure and complex peptides.
    • Guaranteed quality: Peptide synthesis projects are carried out by using Fmoc and Boc chemistry under strict quality control based on HPLC and by mass spectrometry. 95% of all projects are finalized in 2-3 weeks to guarantee on-time delivery.
    • Data protection: All sequences supplied to LifeTein® are considered to be the confidential property of the customer. LifeTein® hereby disclaims any rights whatsoever to any intellectual property or information provided by the customer, including materials or any peptide sequences. At the completion of the project, all synthetic peptides that meet the purity criteria will be sent to the customer.

Frequently Asked Questions: Peptide Synthesis

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  18. Is a spacer required for fluorescent modification?
  19. How do I calculate the peptide concentration?
  20. How do I detect small peptides using SDS-PAGE?

Cell-penetrating Peptide Synthesis

The process of introducing drugs into cells has always proved to be a major challenge for scientists. However, cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs) have the ability to enter a cell through the plasma membrane independent of a membrane receptor. They are usually small peptides 10–30 residues in length.

Stapled Peptide Synthesis Service

Peptide synthesis: Stapled peptide synthesis magic bullet

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cell penetrating peptide synthesis service

The following table shows a selection of currently known CPPs, together with their origins and sequences. Click here for more details.



HIV-1 protein


Antermapedia homeodomain


Galanin-mastoparan peptide





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FITC-Stearyl-R8 Control peptide

Peptide Synthesis Case Studies

Incomplete deprotection and amino acid-coupling reactions can complicate certain processes. Longer reaction times and the use of increased strength reagent could solve this problem. However, in some extreme cases, these methods are insufficient and the protecting group cannot be removed efficiently. In addition, the side chains of some sequences render them prone to self-association by hydrogen bonding. This leads to aggregation and the formation of beta-sheet-like secondary structures that can halt peptide synthesis.

LifeTein's optimized protocol and PeptideSyn technology provide a method for circumventing the problems associated with difficult sequences. This technology can change peptide structure by protecting some of the peptide amide bonds, giving rise to peptides that contain tertiary amides at specific intervals. This leads to better preservation of the peptide chain, and more efficient deprotection and coupling reactions.

Case 1: Solid-phase synthesis of a peptide with four phosphorylation sites.

A 14 amino acid peptide (molecular weight: 1981.53) with four phosphorylation sites was synthesized at 95% purity and delivered in 3 weeks: xxxpSpTxxxpSxxxpTx

HPLC Results:

Peptide synthesis: Phosphorylation-HPLC

MS Results:

Peptide synthesis: Phosphorylation-MS

Case 2: Long peptide synthesis is always difficult and challenging. Recently, a 169-amino-acid peptide was successfully synthesized in 4 weeks. The following case is a very hydrophobic 68 amino acid peptide (85% purity) with a FITC modification at the N terminus. The peptide was successfully synthesized in 4 weeks.

HPLC Results:

Peptide synthesis: FITC Modification HPLC

MS Results:

Peptide synthesis: FITC Modification MS

How to estimate prices and place orders for custom peptide synthesis:

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1. You can use the following table to estimate peptide synthesis price. Please inquire for more pricing information:

Custom peptide synthesis Pricing Examples
(Prices are per amino acid, and are valid for peptides up to 30 residues. Get a quote for peptides sized 30 to 200 residues. )
Quantity Purity
Crude >85% (Get a quote for desalted, 70%, 75%, 80% and other purities) >95% (Get a quote for >98%, 99% and other purities)

1-4 mg

(Get a quote for 5-9mg, 10-14mg and other quantities )

$3.20 $9.00 $11.56
15-20 mg $4.76 $15.30 $20.40
40-50 mg $6.46 $19.89 $27.20
70-80 mg $7.82 $26.69 $35.70
1000 mg $28.05 $79.90 $105.40

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  • Our standard peptide synthesis package includes a certificate of analysis, and HPLC and MS reports.
  • Amino Acid Analysis and N Elemental Analysis are available at competitive prices.
  • Free peptide aliquoting services are available.
  • Solubility tests are available.
  • TFA removal service is available.
  • Discounts are offered for large orders.
  • The turnaround time for regular peptide synthesis services is 2-3 weeks.
  • Shipping price: $25.00 (U.S.), $30.00 (Canada), $45.00 (International).

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