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Custom Peptide Synthesis Service Price

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LifeTein®, the custom peptide synthesis service company, offers competitive price for the synthetic peptides.

High Quality at the most competitive Price: From $3.2 per amino acid residue (AA)
High Success Rate: >98%
Fast Delivery Time: 1-2 weeks rush service for unpurified peptides and 2-3 weeks for purified peptides
Synthesis: Peptides up to 150 amino acids
Quantity: From 1mg to kilogram scales
Purities: From Crude to >98% purity
Report: MS, HPLC and COA results are provided for all synthetic peptides to ensure purity and confirmation of the identity

Custom peptide synthesis Modification Pricing Examples (20mer)

Quantity Purity
Crude >85% (Get a quote for desalted, 75%, 80% and other purities) >95% (Get a quote for >98%, 99% and other purities)

1-4 mg

(Get a quote for 5-9mg, 10-14mg and other quantities )

$85/Peptide $160/Peptide $200/Peptide
One Disulfide Bond Bridge cyclization     $200
Two Disulfide Bond Bridge cyclization     $400
Amide Cyclization     $500
Phosphorylation one site     $100