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Who We Are: Advancing Life Sciences One Protein at a Time!

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LifeTein, based in Somerset, New Jersey, was founded in 2008 with a resolute vision—to unravel the intricacies of life sciences one protein at a time. This foundational philosophy propels all our projects, catering to clients in biotech, pharma, academia, government, diagnostics, and related organizations spanning not only the United States but also more than 30 other nations. Our extensive array of custom services includes peptide synthesis and conjugation, as well as custom protein, antibody, and chemical services.

169 aa long peptide

169 aa Long Peptide: A Glimpse into Our Capabilities. At LifeTein, we routinely harness our proprietary technologies to produce peptides surpassing 100 amino acids in length. Our notable achievement includes a 169-amino-acid-long peptide.

The cornerstone of our success lies in technology, meticulously designed for a seamless synthesis process that minimizes costs without compromising quality. This innovative approach employs microwave heating technology to enhance synthesis efficiency. Additionally, we have introduced AdjuBoosterTM, an adjuvant based on nanoparticle technology, optimizing immune response and expediting antibody generation.

Client-Centric Approach: Your Project, Our Priority. Understanding our clients' projects thoroughly is ingrained in our approach. Our knowledgeable and helpful service representatives are readily available to assist our customers promptly. Whether through email at info@lifetein.com, fax at 1-888-791-1618, or a call to 1-732-444-3282, our peptide synthesis or antibody production specialists are eager to discuss how we can meet your specific needs.

Positive Reviews: A Testament to Our Excellence Publications citing LifeTein.

LifeTein boasts positive reviews and accolades from satisfied clients, reinforcing our commitment to delivering exceptional services. These reviews underscore our success in polyclonal antibody production, compound synthesis, and peptide synthesis, showcasing our dedication to quality and client satisfaction.

Positive Review received for Polyclonal antibody production (January 10, 2017):

"Excellent and expedient service. We used our polyclonal ab for western blotting of endogenous protein in cell lysates and it worked great with absolutely no background. We have CRISPR KOs cell lines to show that the specificity of the antibody is perfect! This was a major roadblock in our work that has been solved. Thank you!"

Positive Review received for Compound synthesis (December 02, 2016):

"I cannot recommend Life Tein enough. They were fantastic to work with and our laboratory will continue to contract with them in the future. Life Tein was the lowest bidder for two compounds. One compound was fairly simple in synthesis, whereas the other was quite complicated. The easy to synthesize compound was made in a timely manner. We had concerns about the identity of the compound due to a difference in LCMS data than what we expected. Life Tein offered without asking to send a small aliquot of the compound to us to ease our concerns. In the end, Life Tein was correct and had produced a highly pure product and sent the rest of the preparation to us within a week. The more complicated product was difficult to purify; however, the company tried many methods of purification that I believe goes above and beyond other synthesis companies I have dealt with. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a synthesis company!"

Positive Review received for Peptide synthesis (September 24, 2016):

"LifeTein delivered on time and it was very easy to work with them. Communication was great and the price was right. I would definitely work with them again."

Positive Review received for Peptide synthesis (May 27, 2015):

"We worked with LifeTein on the synthesis of a short peptide for part of Study 15 of the Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology. LifeTein was communicative and especially helpful at hammering out the details of our requirements, and helped us write up the protocols for the Registered Report. They delivered the peptide on time, and kept us in the loop as the synthesis was proceeding. We highly recommend LifeTein for peptide synthesis!"

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8 Reasons to Switch to LifeTein for Peptide Synthesis.

  1. Affordability:Our innovative PeptideSyn technology offers cost-effective solutions, making our prices highly competitive in the industry.
  2. Time Savings: Avoid delays associated with core facilities. PeptideSynTM technology saves precious research time.
  3. Mistake Prevention: free aliquoting prevents peptide breakdown, ensuring the integrity of your stock solution.
  4. Innovation Focus: Rigorous quality control guarantees the delivery of correctly synthesized proteins, allowing you to focus on innovation.
  5. Scalability: Our facilities and staff can efficiently handle varying orders, from libraries to large peptide quantities, ensuring flexibility without draining your budget.
  6. Ph.D.-Level Support: Our dedicated teams provide expertise in peptide design, synthesis, and antibody production, assisting you at every stage of your project.
  7. High Peptide Yields: The PeptideSynTM platform consistently delivers high yields of peptides, exceeding specified amounts.
  8. Improved Productivity: Leverage our proprietary peptide library technology for T-cell epitope and peptide lead discovery studies, advancing your drug discovery process.

Explore LifeTein on Google Scholar: Thousands of publications and patents cite LifeTein's products and services, attesting to their impact and reliability.

Partner with LifeTein: Your Trusted Ally in Peptide Synthesis. Experience the benefits of choosing LifeTein—save time, save money, and achieve better results. Our commitment to affordability, quality, and innovation makes us the ideal partner for your peptide synthesis needs.

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