Peptide Synthesis: Handling and Storage of Synthetic Peptides

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

References using synthetic peptides and antibodies from LifeTein. Full Publication List of 2017.

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How should I dissolve peptides?

How should I store and handle my synthesized peptides?

Can I predict whether a peptide will be soluble?

How do I choose the best level of peptide purity for my research?

What is peptide purity?

What is net peptide content?

What salt form should I use and how to remove TFA?

How are peptides synthesized?

What are your QC standards for peptide synthesis?

Can you aliquot my peptides?

What are APIs, catalog peptides, and custom peptide synthesis?

What is the minimum quantity for one order?

What is the maximum peptide length that LifeTein® can produce?

What is solid-phase synthesis?

What are resins and linkers?

What is a protecting group?

What are acetylation and amidation?

Is a spacer required for fluorescent modification?

How to calculate the peptide concentration?

How do I Detect Small Peptides using SDS-PAGE?

How do I dissolve peptides in DMSO?

How to dissolve peptides containing disulfide bridges? How do I know if a cysteine in a peptide is free or oxidized?

How to dissolve peptides containing free cysteines?

How to dissolve amyloid beta-amyloid peptide (1-42)?

Why are peptides sold as salts?

What is peptide folding? Why do polypeptide chains fold?