Transdermal Peptide TD1, ACSSSPSKHCG, acetylated, amidated

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Transdermal Peptide TD1, ACSSSPSKHCG, acetylated, amidated, acetate salt
Product Description
The short synthetic peptide ACSSSPSKHCG (TD1) and oligoarginine (R8) have been shown to facilitate efficient bio-macromolecule delivery through intact skin. Co-administration of the peptide and insulin to the abdominal skin of diabetic rats results in elevated systemic levels of insulin and suppresses serum glucose levels. This peptide creates a transient opening in the skin barrier to enable macromolecular medicines to reach systemic circulation.

The delivery system was applied to treat melisma. Treatment with a cream formulation containing the transdermal peptide co-administered with other agents resulted in measurable inhibition of melanin production and melanocyte apoptosis. After four weeks application, patients demonstrated a significant lightening of facial hypermelanosis lesions and almost wholly restored dark lesions to normal skin color after 12 weeks. These innovative peptide technologies give the patients for even, young and healthy looking skin. Its topical application induces restoration of the skin’s most important structural dermal components.
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5.0 mg
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Molecular Weight
Ac- ACSSSPSKHC G -CONH2, disulfide bridges:C2-C10, Ac- Ala - Cys - Ser - Ser - Ser - Pro - Ser - Lys - His - Cys - Gly -CONH2

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