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Fmoc-PNA-A(Bhoc)-OH is a specialized monomer for Peptide Nucleic Acid synthesis, representing the Adenine (A) nucleobase. It features a Bhoc group for protection during the synthesis process and a Fmoc group for compatibility with Fmoc synthesis protocols. This monomer is crucial for creating PNAs that specifically target Adenine-rich sequences in DNA, playing a vital role in molecular biology and genetic research. Its stable structure ensures effective incorporation into the PNA chain, allowing for precise targeting and binding to complementary DNA sequences. The monomer is suited for applications in gene regulation studies, DNA-protein interaction research, and the development of genetic diagnostics and therapeutics.

Key Features:

  1. Fmoc-Protected: The Fmoc group provides temporary protection for the amino group, allowing for the sequential addition of amino acids without unwanted side reactions. It is easily removed under mild basic conditions.

  2. Bhoc-Protected Side Chain: The side chain of the amino acid is protected by the Bhoc (Benzyloxy carbonyl) group. This protection is crucial for preventing side reactions during peptide elongation and is removable under specific conditions, typically acidic.

  3. Aeg Linker: This compound incorporates an Aeg (Aminoethylglycine) linker. Aeg is a flexible, two-carbon chain that provides spatial freedom and reduces steric hindrance, facilitating smoother peptide synthesis.

  4. Versatility in PNA Synthesis: Fmoc-A(Bhoc)-Aeg-OH is ideal for synthesizing complex PNA, including cyclic peptides, as its structure allows for greater flexibility in coupling reactions.

  5. High Purity: This product is synthesized and purified to achieve high purity, ensuring reliable and reproducible results in Peptide Nucleotide Acid synthesis.


  • Ideal for use in solid-phase peptide synthesis, particularly for complex and long peptide chains and Peptide Nucleotide Acid (PNA).
  • Useful in research areas focusing on protein-protein interactions, oligo-peptide conjugation, enzyme-substrate studies, and drug development.
  • Applicable in the synthesis of cyclic PNA, peptides, and constrained PNA structures with modifications.

Storage and Handling:

  • Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.
  • Ensure proper handling with protective gear, as the compound can be sensitive and potentially hazardous.
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