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Fmoc-PNA-G(Bhoc)-OH, representing the Guanine (G) nucleobase, is a critical component in PNA synthesis. The monomer's Bhoc group ensures stability during synthesis, while the Fmoc group guarantees seamless integration into the PNA structure. This monomer is essential for targeting Guanine-rich sequences, which are significant in genomic studies and genetic disorder research. Its precise targeting ability is crucial in the study of G-quadruplexes, DNA methylation patterns, and in the development of gene-targeted therapies. The monomer's design facilitates effective and accurate PNA synthesis, aiding in advanced molecular biology research and therapeutic applications. These Fmoc-PNA monomers are essential for Peptide Nucleic Acid (PNA) synthesis, specifically designed for automated DNA synthesizers and adaptable to various synthetic chemistry instruments. Each monomer represents a nucleobase - Adenine (A), Cytosine (C), and Guanine (G) - essential for PNA formation.

Key Features:

  1. High-Affinity Binding: PNAs, including those synthesized with this monomer, exhibit higher binding affinity to DNA strands than DNA itself, allowing for effective use in shorter oligomer lengths of 12-15 units.

  2. Aggregation Control: It's recommended to limit purine content, especially G-rich sequences, to prevent aggregation. Incorporating lysine or multiple AEAA linkers can improve solubility and handling.

  3. Labelling Flexibility: Fmoc-PNA-T-OH allows for the labeling of PNA with various groups like fluorescein and biotin. Labels can be attached either to the resin before cleavage or in solution after cleavage, depending on their acid sensitivity.

  4. Solid Support Compatibility: Suitable for use with solid supports like PAL-PEG-PS and XAL-PEG-PS, which are cleavable in acid and compatible with Fmoc chemistry.

  5. Optimized Synthesis Protocol: The synthesis involves a repetitive cycle of deblocking, activation/coupling, and capping, typically conducted on a 2?mol scale.


  • Synthesis of short, high-affinity PNAs for DNA binding studies.
  • Research in molecular biology, especially in areas requiring specific DNA sequence recognition and binding.
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