2019 Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 surface glycoprotein B.1.1.529


Coronavirus South Africa Mutant B.1.1.529 Omicron  COVID19


Heavily mutated coronavirus variant Omicron puts scientists on alert: South Africa Omicron Mutant B.1.1.529

Researchers are racing to determine whether a new Omicron variant in South Africa poses a threat to COVID vaccines’ effectiveness. It was found that Omicron B.1.1.529 in genome-sequencing data from Botswana contained more than 30 changes to the spike protein. The spike protein is the main target of the body’s immune responses. Countries circulating: Botswana (3 genomes), Hong Kong ex S. Africa (1 genome, partial).

Here are the mutations of the conserved Spike proteins: A67V, Δ69-70, T95I, G142D/Δ143-145, Δ211/L212I, ins214EPE, G339D, S371L, S373P, S375F, K417N, N440K, G446S, S477N, T478K, E484A, Q493R, G496S, Q498R, N501Y, Y505H, T547K, D614G, H655Y, N679K, P681H, N764K, D796Y, N856K, Q954H, N969K, L981F

A total of nine cysteine residues are found in the RBD, six of which forming three pairs of disulfide bonds. Among these three pairs, two are in the core (Cys336-Cys361 and Cys379-Cys432) to help stabilize the beta sheet structure while the remaining one (Cys480-Cys488) connects loops in the distal end of the RBM.

Studies showed that the sequence of 2019-nCoV coronavirus RBD, including its receptor -binding motif (RBM) that directly contacts ACE2 and uses ACE2 as its receptor with much higher affinity (10-20 times higher!) than SARS.

Catalog number: LT5588, 74aa


Three letter sequence: NH2- Val - Ile - Ala - Trp - Asn - Ser - Asn - Lys - Leu - Asp - Ser - Lys - Val - Ser - Gly - Asn - Tyr - Asn - Tyr - Leu - Tyr - Arg - Leu - Phe - Arg - Lys - Ser - Asn - Leu - Lys - Pro - Phe - Glu - Arg - Asp - Ile - Ser - Thr - Glu - Ile - Tyr - Gln - Ala - Gly - Asn - Lys - Pro - Cys - Asn - Gly - Val - Ala - Gly - Phe - Asn - Cys - Tyr - Phe - Pro - Leu - Arg - Ser - Tyr - Ser - Phe - Arg - Pro - Thr - Tyr - Gly - Val - Gly - His - Gln -CONH2

Modifications:Disulfide Bridge: Cys480-Cys488

Quantity: 1mg

Purity: >97% by HPLC

Molecular Weight: 8561.56 g/mol

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