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human papilloma virus type 16 (HPV 16) oncoprotein E7 (HPV16-E743?57: GQAEPDRAHY- NIVTF), Self-Assembling Peptide Epitopes (SAPEs) can be used as Novel Platform for Anticancer Vaccination. The results showed that the SAPEs were able to form nanostructures with a diameter from 20 to 200 nm. The SAPEs adjuvanted with CpG induced and expanded antigen- specific CD8+ T cells in mice. Furthermore, tumor-bearing mice vaccinated with SAPEs harboring the HPV E743?57 peptide showed a delayed tumor growth and an increased survival compared to sham-treated mice.
GQAEPDRAHYNIVTF, NH2- Gly - Gln - Ala - Glu - Pro - Asp - Arg - Ala - His - Tyr - Asn - Ile - Val - Thr - Phe -COOH, RAHYNIVTF is CTL epitope, and DRAHYNI is a Th epitope of HPV E7
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