New Publication: Cell Cited LifeTein Biotinylated Peptide Products

Pull-down assay using biotinylated peptides

Giantin, a novel conserved Golgi membrane protein, is a disulfide-linked homodimer. It was found that BFA-induced Golgi disorganization is associated with the monomerization of giantin.

The pull-down experiment was performed. The control peptide biotin-GHGTGSTGSGSMLRTLLRRRL synthesized by LifeTein was incubated with lysate and Dynabeads, as well as the lysate incubated with Dynabeads only served as a control. Dynabeads carrying MGAT1 peptide were able to pull-down giantin from the lysate of HeLa cells, however, giantin was not detected in the pull-down fraction from the lysate exposed to the Dynabeads or in combination with control peptide. It is logical to hypothesize that the MGAT1 binding domain of giantin lies within its N-terminal non-coiled-coil area.

The Dynabeads function similarly to LifeTein magnetic beads:

Cells 2019, 8(12), 1631;