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LifeTein Clickable Lipid Nanoparticles (LNPs)

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Peptide Lipid Nanoparticle LNP

Clickable Reagents for Lipid Nanoparticles:

Click chemistry emerges as a promising avenue for facilitating the seamless linkage of synthetic molecular fragments, thereby enabling the creation of larger and more intricate molecular structures. Among the most prevalent click reactions is the 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of azides to terminal alkynes, culminating in the formation of 1,2,3-triazoles. LifeTein offers an extensive array of lipids equipped with terminal alkyne or azide moieties, providing a diverse selection for initiating your click reactions. Explore the featured products below to find the components essential for commencing your specific synthesis endeavors!

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 16:0 Azido Coenzyme A
 16:0 azidocaproyl PE
 16:0 DBCO PE
 16:0(alkyne) 18:1 PC
 16:0(alkyne) 18:1 PE
 18:0 azidoethyl PC
 18:0 propargyl PC
 18:1 DBCO PE
 18:1 Photoclick cholesterol II
 18:1 propargyl PC
 alkyne cholesterol
 arachidonic acid alkyne
 Azido sphingosine (d14:1)
 Clickable Chenodeoxycholic acid
 Clickable Cholic acid
 DSPE PEG(2000) Azide
 Oleic Acid (18 azido)
 oleic acid(17 yne)
 pacFA 18:1 PC
 pacFA Ceramide
 pacFA GalCer
 Palmitic acid (15 yne)
 Photoclick C6 Ceramide
 PhotoClick Cholesterol
 Photoclick Sphingosine
 Trifunctional fatty acid
 Trifunctional Sphingosine
alkyne cholesterol


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