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LifeTein's Chemical Synthesis Services

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LifeTein specializes in the development and manufacturing of pharmaceutical-grade compounds and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). We have close working relationships with our customers through all stages of product development. Whether it is a small pilot batch or a full-scale commercial launch, outsourcing peptide production or APIs to LifeTein will enable you to grow your business without adding staff, equipment, or costly manufacturing infrastructure.

We have the capacity to produce hundreds of kilograms of peptides and APIs annually. Our ability to provide low-cost active pharmaceutical ingredients has had a majorimpact on our clients in the pharmaceutical industry. Large-scale manufacturing requires a commitment to excellence. Using LifeTein as your contract research organization and contract manufacturing organization provides you with choice, a more responsiveness partner, and more expertize to realize your drug discovery and development goals.

We are no longer offering our partnership with a cGMP manufacturing facility located in New Jersey. However, custom synthesis of grams to kilograms special compounds are still available for non-GMP production.

Our areas of expertise are focused on chiral chemistry, heterocyclic synthesis, carbohydrate and hydrogenation. Please email to get a quote for the following products and APIs at gram or kilogram quantities. These APIs and intermediates are provided: bazedoxifene acetate, indacaterol, vilozodone, ezetimibe, rivaroxaban, ritonavir, linaglitine, ticagrelor, sofosbuvir, linezolid, canagliflozin, pregabalin, apixaban, dabigatran, sitagliptin, peramivir, prasugrel, and dapagliflozin.

Peptide Facilities and Chemical Production Capabilities

  • Please complete the quotation form for the peptide you would like to purchase. We will respond rapidly with a quote.
  • Please either fax the form to 1-888-791-1618 or email us at with your requests. CLICK HERE to download our printable quotation form.