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MHC (Major Histocompatibility Complex)

Peptide-ready Major Histocompatibility Complexes (MHCs) are a critical component of the adaptive immune system, responsible for presenting antigens to T-cells, which play a crucial role in immune responses. MHC molecules are highly polymorphic cell surface proteins found in vertebrates, including humans, and are encoded by a complex gene family. The related linear peptidic epitope sequences are: EVDPIGHLY, NTDNNLAVY, YTDNWLAVY, ALYVDSLFFL, CLGGLLTMV, ELAGIGILTV, FLLTRILTI, FMNKFIYEI, GLYDGMEHL, GVYDGREHTV, HMTEVVRHC, KLPQLCTEL, KLVVVGAGGV, KMVELVHFL, KVAELVHFL, KVLEHVVRV, LMLGEFLKL, NLVPMVATV, PLFQVPEPV, RMFPNAPYL, SLLMWITQC, SLLMWITQV, SLLQHLIGL, YLEPGPVTA, YMLDLQPET, FMNKFIYEI, VVGAVGVGK, SSCSSCPLTK, VVGADGVGK, VVVGAAGVGK, VVVGAVGVGK, AYACNTSTL, IMPKAGLLI, VYFFLPDHL, GADGVGKSAL, VMAPKTLVL, RIIPRHLQL, SIINFEKL, AMAPRTLLL, and NQKLIANQF.

LifeTein provides single-chain peptide-MHC monomers, biotinylated MHC monomers, tetramers, and biotinylated tetramers, MHC-I Virus-Like Particles, and multivalent fluorescent MHC-I Virus-Like Particles.Other catalog products include NY-ESO-1, KRAS, MAGE, GP100, AFP, LMP2, Survivin, HBV, HPV, WT-1, and P53. Our functional peptide-ready MHCs products are a ready-to-use loading system for loading neoantigen peptides to form a new complete MHC peptide complex.

Applications of peptide-ready MHCs:

  • Research: Peptide-MHC tetramers or multimers are widely used in immunological research to detect and characterize antigen-specific T-cells. These reagents enable the precise identification and quantification of T-cells recognizing specific peptide antigens.
  • Vaccine development: Understanding the peptide epitopes presented by MHC molecules is crucial for designing vaccines that can elicit effective T-cell responses against pathogens or cancer cells.
  • Immunotherapy: Peptide-based immunotherapies, such as peptide vaccines or adoptive T-cell therapy, utilize knowledge of peptide-MHC interactions to target specific antigens in cancer treatment and infectious disease control.

Virus-like particles (VLPs)-displayed antigens

LifeTein offers a series of Virus-like particles (VLPs)-displayed antigens. VLPs are nanoparticles derived from the capsid protein of a virus. Virus-like particles are used for antibody discovery for immunization and screening, affinity determination for ELISA, Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR), in vivo pharmacokinetic analysis, CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls) method development, and CAR-T positive rate detection.

Search these featured VLPs from the search box above: Human GPRC5D Protein-VLP (LTP10647), Human CCR2b Protein-VLP (LTP10415), CD24 Protein-VLP (LTP10683), Human CD20 VLP, Human CD24 VLP, Human Claudin 18.2 VLP, Human Claudin 6 VLP, Biotinylated Human VLP Control, Mouse Claudin 6 VLP, Human SSTR2 VLP, Human Cannabinoid Receptor 2 Protein-VLP, Human A2AR VLP, Human TM4SF1 VLP, Human GPC3 (438-554) VLP, Mouse GPRC5D VLP, Cynomolgus GPRC5D VLP, Human GPC3 VLP, Human Adenosine receptor A2b Protein-VLP

CD3 proteins

LifeTein provides highly active CD3 proteins, including monomers, homodimers, heterodimers, and biotinylated proteins.

Here are the featured products: Biotinylated Cynomolgus CD3E&CD3D, hFc tag; Biotinylated Cynomolgus CD3E&CD3G, hFc tag; Cynomolgus CD3E, His tag; Human CD3E&CD3G, His tag; Mouse CD3E&CD3D, hFc tag; Human CD3E&CD3G, hFc tag; Biotinylated Human CD3E&CD3G, His tag; Biotinylated Human CD3E&CD3D, His Tag; Biotinylated Cynomolgus CD3E 1-27 peptide, hFc tag; Cynomolgus CD3E&CD3D, hFc tag; Human CD3E&CD3D, hFc tag; Biotinylated Human CD3E 1-27 peptide, hFc tag.

Immune Checkpoint Proteins

LifeTein produced a series of immune checkpoint proteins with multiple labels like biotin, FITC and PE. These products are available: Human EGFRVIII Protein, Human EGFR/HER1 Protein, Cynomolgus FAP Protein, Cynomolgus FOLR2 Protein, Human FOLR4/Juno Protein, Human GUCY2C, Human Her2/ErbB2 Protein and more. Please use the search box for more proteins.

Human leukocyte antigen-G (HLA-G) and receptors

We provide mammalian-derived HLA-G and their receptors, LILRB/LILRA, in various species and tags for first-in-class drug discovery. HLA-G mediates its function by binding to receptors on immune cells.

Featured Products include: Biotinylated Human APOE3; Human APOE4 hFc Tag; Human APOE4 His Tag; Biotinylated Human LILRB Domain 2; Biotinylated Human HLA-G; Human APOE3 His Tag; Biotinylated Human HLA-G Tetramer; Cynomolgus HLA-G; Human HLA-G Tetramer; Mouse APOE; Rhesus macaque HLA-G; Cynomolgus LILRA6.

Other Proteins

We have developed a high-quality Laminin 521 product and Human Wnt Surrogate-Fc Fusion Protein that can be applied to scientific research and preclinical development. Our active Cas9 protein carries a nuclear localization signal (NLS) design. The in-house active CRISPR-Cas12a enzyme can recognize and cut DNA at a specific site different from the prototypical Cas9. Order your Recombinant CRISPR Cas9 Protein and AsCas12a (CRISPR-associated nuclease Acidaminococcus sp. Cas12a) now.

LTP4418 Recombinant Mouse RANKL Protein $1000 $500
download pdf data sheet
LT13501 Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor (M-CSF)$650 $300
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LT12010  $230
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$789.00... more info
Biotinylated Human IL-2 R gamma/CD132 Protein (LTP10590)
Product NameBiotinylated Human IL-2 R gamma/CD132 Protein (LTP10590) Catalog NumberLTP10590 Quantity100ug Price $ 789 In stock BackgroundThe gamma chain of the high affinity functional human IL-2 receptor complex belongs to the hematopoietin...
$900.00... more info
Biotinylated Human IL-4 Protein (LTP10767)
Product NameBiotinylated Human IL-4 Protein (LTP10767) Catalog NumberLTP10767 Quantity100ug Price $ 900 In stock BackgroundInterleukin-4, also known as IL4, is a secreted protein which belongs to the IL-4 / IL-13 family. Interleukin-4 / IL4...
$789.00... more info
Biotinylated Human KIR2DL1 Protein (LTP10999)
Product NameBiotinylated Human KIR2DL1 Protein (LTP10999) Catalog NumberLTP10999 Quantity100ug Price $ 789 In stock BackgroundKIR2DL1 (2DL1, formerly NKAT1, designated CD158a) is a 348 amino acid (aa) type I transmembrane glycoprotein that...
$789.00... more info
Biotinylated Human KIR2DL3 Protein (LTP11020)
Product NameBiotinylated Human KIR2DL3 Protein (LTP11020) Catalog NumberLTP11020 Quantity100ug Price $ 789 In stock BackgroundKIR2DL3 (2DL3, formerly NKAT2, designated CD158b2) is a 341 amino acid (aa) type I transmembrane glycoprotein that...
$789.00... more info
Biotinylated Human KIR3DL3 Protein (LTP10993)
Product NameBiotinylated Human KIR3DL3 Protein (LTP10993) Catalog NumberLTP10993 Quantity100ug Price $ 789 In stock BackgroundKiller-cell immunoglobulin-like receptor (KIR) 3DL3 is a framework gene present in all human KIR haplotypes.KIR3DL3...
$650.00... more info
Biotinylated Human KRAS G12V (HLA-A*02:01) Protein (LTP10000)
Product NameBiotinylated Human KRAS G12V (HLA-A*02:01) Protein (LTP10000) Catalog NumberLTP10000 Quantity100ug Price $ 650 In stock BackgroundKirsten rat sarcoma 2 viral oncogene homolog (KRAS) is the most commonly mutated oncogene in human...
$609.00... more info
Biotinylated Human KRAS G12V (HLA-A*03:01) Protein (LTP10001)
Product NameBiotinylated Human KRAS G12V (HLA-A*03:01) Protein (LTP10001) Catalog NumberLTP10001 Quantity100ug Price $ 609 In stock BackgroundKirsten rat sarcoma 2 viral oncogene homolog (KRAS) is the most commonly mutated oncogene in human...
$789.00... more info
Biotinylated Human LAG3/CD223 Protein (LTP10531)
Product NameBiotinylated Human LAG3/CD223 Protein (LTP10531) Catalog NumberLTP10531 Quantity100ug Price $ 789 In stock BackgroundLAG-3, is a protein which in humans is encoded by the LAG3 gene, which is a cell surface molecule with diverse...
$789.00... more info
Biotinylated Human LAIR2/CD306 Protein (LTP10528)
Product NameBiotinylated Human LAIR2/CD306 Protein (LTP10528) Catalog NumberLTP10528 Quantity100ug Price $ 789 In stock BackgroundThe leukocyte-associated immunoglobulin-like receptor 2 (LAIR2) shows increased expression during pregnancy and...
$900.00... more info
Biotinylated Human LAP (TGF beta 1) Protein (LTP10668)
Product NameBiotinylated Human LAP (TGF beta 1) Protein (LTP10668) Catalog NumberLTP10668 Quantity100ug Price $ 900 In stock BackgroundLatent TGF beta 1 cDNA encodes a 390 amino acid precursor that contains a 29 aa signal peptide and a 361 aa...
Displaying 81 to 90 (of 627 Products)
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