Loading Control Antibodies


The Loading Control Antibodies are a variety of housekeeping proteins. The kit contains enough primary and secondary antibodies to perform four western blots per primary antibody. Loading controls are essential for proper interpretation of western blots. They are used to normalize the levels of protein detected by confirming that protein loading is the same across the gel. 

Source / Purification

Monoclonal antibody is produced by immunizing animals with synthetic peptides corresponding to residues near the amino terminus of human β-actin, surrounding Lys29 of human COX IV, and the sequence of human GAPDH, the carboxy-terminal residues of human histone H3.


Housekeeping proteins such as GAPDH, beta Actin, beta Tubulin, or Histone H2B are useful as loading controls for western blots and protein normalization. LifeTein's loading control antibodies are cost-effective $50 specific antibodies to housekeeping proteins to standardize and compare levels of protein. Actin is a ubiquitous protein and a major component of the eukaryotic cytoskeleton. Actin exists mainly as the F-actin fibrous polymer. LifeTein's Anti-β-Actin (BA3R) Loading Control mAb recognizes both the native and denatured forms of β-Actin from the following species: human, mouse, rat, rabbit, and chicken. 

Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) catalyzes the phosphorylation of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate during glycolysis. The GAPDH plays roles in apoptosis, gene expression, and nuclear transport. LifeTein's Anti-GAPDH (GA1R) loading control mAb gives clear WB results at dilution ratios as high as 1:100,000. It recognizes the GAPDH protein from tissues of the following species: BL-21 bacteria, Sf9 insect, Saccharomyces cerevisiae (yeast), human, mouse, rat, rabbit, chicken, hamster, and potentially many more species.

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Anti β-Tubulin Monoclonal Antibody

Catalog Number:LT9991 Lot Number:411005100208 Isotype:Mouse IgG2a Clonality:BT7R Quantity:50 μg, lyophilized with PBS, pH7.4...
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Anti-β-Actin Monoclonal Antibody

Catalog Number:LT9999 Lot Number:411005100207 Isotype:Mouse IgG2b Clonality:BA3R Quantity:50 μg, lyophilized with PBS, pH7.4...
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Anti-GAPDH Monoclonal Antibody

Catalog Number:LT9995 Lot Number:411005100211 Isotype:Mouse IgG1 Clonality:GA1R Quantity:50 μg, lyophilized with PBS, pH7.4...
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