LifeTein Launches Rush Custom Peptide Synthesis Service: Peptide Delivered in 3-5 Days

LifeTein is unveiling an expedited peptide synthesis program, promising to place peptides in its customers’ hands within 3-5 business days. The RushPep™ peptide synthesis service was designed to circumvent the existing limitations of conventional solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS), which involves a long coupling time and low yield. RushPep™ shortens the time needed for individual coupling, deprotection and washing steps. The proprietary methodology renders processing ten times faster than in classical synthesis while simultaneously circumventing the limitations caused by the formation of by-products or intermediates to which traditional SPPS approaches are subject.

LifeTein’s Rush Custom Peptide Synthesis Service

“When designing the RushPep™ methodology, our focus was to not only to produce peptides of high quality and purity but also to offer a streamlined solution that would increase the efficiency of researchers’ protein discovery workflows,” stated Dr. Ya Chen, Head of LifeTein’s Rush Peptide Synthesis Group. “RushPep™ achieves these goals by synthesizing the peptides in 3–5 business days to accelerate research and discovery.”

Chen continued, “The reliability of RushPep™ rush peptide synthesis ensures that the peptides are finished in 3–5 business days with high-batch-to-batch reproducibility. ” Most of the crude peptides have a purity of over 80%. RushPep™ peptide service is valuable for the scientists and researchers because it allows them to finish their proteomics projects in a fast and cost-efficient manner.

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